Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sunny but still cold!

The sun appeared again today, clear skies but continuing cold temperatures. I took our laundry to Mata's this morning in preparation for leaving the island and a desire for clean travelling clothes. Hung them on the line around 1:00pm and everything was dry before 3:00pm! I guess the wind is helpful in some ways.

We drove down to the port this morning to make a bank deposit for Theo. It was much easier this time. The teller just asked for my passport. The last time she asked me for Theo's father's first name!
Not sure why they would require ID to make a deposit...but...the process was very speedy.

Two visitors arrived this afternoon and munched on dried grass
in the field above our apartment.

Meanwhile we are still waiting to see proof of the change to our travel itinerary from Athens to Vancouver. It is unsettling to think that we could be in transit through the Balkans with no confirmed details of the trip to Vancouver. We arrive back in Athens on November 28th and were scheduled to leave on November 29th!!

There was good news today though when I checked our bank account and discovered that the bill payment I made to the wrong credit card had been reversed. Remember this for the future if you ever make this is reversible!

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