Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our last day on Amorgos in 2016

I went for an early morning walk wind...sun shining.

The writing group met at Anna's around 11am.
We were a reduced group, missing Elena & Kalliroi.

Theo chose to take his cigarette and writing book outside,
which we all appreciated!

Ryan Air sent an email this morning to say that if we didn't check-in online, there would be a E45 surcharge for checking in at the airport on Saturday!!! WTF!!!

Tonight we arrived at Jazzmin for a pre-dinner glass of wine and were greeted by two friends and their young daughters with farewell wishes. Maria, a neighbour, also arrived to wish us "good travels" and stayed to share a small glass of homemade liquor. Finally, we hugged everybody and went for dinner around 9:00. Elena joined us and we shared an interesting conversation until Yorgos and Leah arrived. They just returned from vacationing in southern France. Around 11:00pm we wandered back to Jazzmin in a light rain to say goodbye to the others...Fotula, Mata, Demetris. It was a wonderful send off.

We are organised, packed and ready to set sail tomorrow. I can't guarantee that new blogs will appear every day because we aren't sure about wi-fi but the computers are going with us. Hopefully I will be able to capture some interesting photos along the way.

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