Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Today we boarded a Simeonidis Tour bus at 8:30am and headed toward Skopje. At the border we made two stops for passport checks...at the Greece and the Macedonian border controls finally arriving in Skopje four hours later in the midst of a thunderstorm!!

Our accommodation is very nice...rated "Superb" on Booking.com...a 2 bedroom apartment right in the centre of the city looking across at the Marriot Hotel. The elevator is ancient and holds two people. We need three keys...one for the outside door, one for the elevator and one for the apartment.
Total cost per bedroom is 25 euros ($37.50 Can). There is a full kitchen and updated bathroom with an enclosed shower. Yeah!!!

One of the views from our apartment.

While John napped, the three of us did a tour of the old bazaar and enjoyed some local snacks. 

Back in the city centre we were mystified by the lack of cohesion
between the buildings and multiple sculptures.

Tonight we met with Artan for drinks and a meal. 
Artan is a Macedonian professor who gave us a lot of insight into the Balkan situations. 
We shared a delicious dinner and ongoing conversations.

The most interesting sculpture sits in the middle of the Wardar river under the stone bridge.
Apparently all of the sculptures in the centre of town were created in the past four years.

Tomorrow we leave at 9:25am for Nis.

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