Thursday, November 24, 2016


Old Bazzar 1790 offered us a large breakfast with small fried pancakes, bread, conserves, an egg, a sausage, fresh fruit, something yellow called juice and cold coffee. They responded quickly to my request for "hot" coffee and, according to John, the tea was hot and good. Redona, our receptionist, doubles as the server. She led us outside, downstairs and into the dungeon for breakfast!

The Hotel and the entrance

We did a short wander as we contemplated how far to descend on the steep roads, aware that we would have to climb back up to the hotel. A short rest at a cafe rejuvenated us.

Do I look more like my mother every day?

After our rest we tackled the climb to the castle that sits on top of the world! In short bursts of energy we made it!! The fortress is huge and contains memorabilia (mainly cannons and large guns) from WWII.

There is also the remains of an American Air Force fighter plane.

Pathway stones.

The return downhill walk was much easier than the uphill climb. 
We picked up two spinach pies for lunch and John had a nap 
while I sat on a park bench in the sun with my book.

Redona, our sweet receptionist at Old Bazaar 1790 in Gjirokaster.

The Balkaneros, at the end of our Balkan tour, with Redona.

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