Friday, November 4, 2016


We have arrived in Athens and, although the taxi driver did not know where our friend's address was, he finally drove to the right street. Vassilikis was waving to us from the top terrace and we all cheered the driver's efforts!

Our friends have a unique old place complete with a 12 year old duck and a 14 year old cat and a parrot that flew into the kitchen last month. All three are white!

Andronikis had to go to the shop for a few hours, John is napping, Vassilikis and I are both on our computers. In about one hour we will meet at a local taverna for dinner.

Andronikis has made a "fruit stealing" tool which he uses to harness mandarins from the yard of an abandoned house next door. Apparently he also wanders the streets in search of lemons and grapefruit! He also has created a "lighted shuttlecock" to play badminton at night on the upper terrace. His workshop (as a jeweller and general inventor) is full of interesting objects.

The floors in the house are beautiful.

The house dates from the 1930's.

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