Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday in Belgrade

By some miracle we managed to move three of us out of the apartment for breakfast. The others followed but we got a head start on filling our tummies. When everyone had eaten and we gathered again it was time to walk together to the Sunday market where John and I bought much needed gloves.

This woman was very interested in seeing the chandelier that Buket & Shukru bought.

After leaving the market we hopped into taxis for the trip over the Danube to Zemun. 
Meeting in a small local cafe we enjoyed the warmth inside 
along with coffees, hot chocolate and rakes.

Mata tried a new look with Joanna's glasses.

The menu at Zemun's cafe.

Buket and Tuna celebrate the discovery of their initials!

A lonely plant.

Zemun doors

It was a very cold walkabout before I found a hand knitted hat at a weaving studio and finally we stopped to eat fish soup, salads and pasta. Our two young friends left for the airport and we taxied back to our rooms to hug our Turkish friends goodbye. We are down to six travellers now!

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