Friday, November 18, 2016

On to Trebinje

We mailed postcards to each other this morning...a little game that Kalliroi suggested...we drew names, selected postcards and wrote a short message for the recipient. It will be a surprise to see who sent each message!!

The day is very warm...we shed jackets and scarves while having a coffee in the sun and listening to disturbing music that included F...k and  interspersed in regular intervals throughout the songs!! Not exactly to our taste!...but the warmth from the sun was appreciated.

After lunch we were driven to the bus station by our host and directed to a 9 seat mini-van that seemed adequate for the five of us and one other woman. Yorgos had decided to make a return trip to Sarajevo to explore new opportunities so there were only five of us carrying on with the Balkan tour.

We were disappointed that the trip would be made in a mini-van instead of a regular bus...but...there was no other option! By the time we finally left the station there were 9 passengers and the driver. Needless to say we were surprised when he stopped about 5 minutes later to pick up another passenger...then again when he picked up the 11th passenger. With only 9 seats there was a necessary squishing in every row. We maintained hope that the extras would disembark soon...but...that wasn't the case. When two finally left the bus another two took their place!!! At one point during the 3 1/2 hour trip there were 15 passengers in the 9 seat vehicle. None of the seat belts worked, the vehicle was full of fumes the entire trip and the driver smoked off and on. It was not a pleasant experience.

Our host's son picked us up at the bus station in Trebinje and took us to a huge apartment above their home with three bedrooms. two bathrooms, full kitchen, living room...very nice...for 54 euros...11 euros each for the night!! He also drove us into town where we found a restaurant for dinner.

We will have the morning tomorrow to explore Trebinje. Right now it is time for bed!!!

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