Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 28

This was the day that we parted company with our Greek family and headed back to Athens while they continued to explore the mountainous northern region of their country. As we prepared for the trip to Athens the yard was invaded by a group of roaming sheep.

By 11:30am we were on the road again, this time with Sotiris in his car. The drive took over six hours to his home on the outskirts of Athens. From there we hopped into Olga's car for the traffic jammed drive into Athens city centre. When I spotted the sign that would lead her directly down the street to our hotel she was six lanes away. This was not a deterrent!! She nudged her small vehicle across the six lanes of traffic and dropped us off right in front of the hotel in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm!! It was 7:30pm!!

Our friend Vassiliki had trouble getting a taxi to bring our stored luggage to the hotel but she finally arrived, dripping, around 8:45pm. Together we walked to a nearby taverna for pizza and she returned John's wedding ring to him. Her partner Andronikos had replaced the lost piece of ivory with another material and the ring looks new again! Beautiful work by a talented jeweller!!...and we are very grateful to him.

The Balkaneros
Theo, Kalliroi, Yorgos, Lin, Mata, Yianni

We realise that we could never have managed this trip without the company of our wonderful friends and we extend a million thanks to them for including us, looking after us and believing that we could handle the rigours of travel on this Balkan trip. It was a very special opportunity for us to share experiences and explore other cultures. Thank you...thank you...thank you!!!!!

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