Friday, November 11, 2016

From Novi Sad to Belgrade

What a day! The sun was shining when we left the hotel to walk toward old town in search of coffee and breakfast...a beautiful day! In a market area we stopped for coffee and found some freshly baked cheese pie to eat while we sat beside the Danube.

A short time later we stopped to buy some freshly ground coffee and the owner suggested that we find a small cafe called "Coffee on the go". The name didn't inspire much confidence but it turned out to be a lovely little coffee/tea shop.

Along the way we passed some interesting sights.

Live fish for sale

We checked out of the hotel around noon and hopped into a taxi to the train station. 
For a change of pace we had decided to take a train instead of a bus to Belgrade. 

It wasn't exactly a "thumbs up" kind of trip but for $2.00 each we couldn't complain! 

Outside the train station in Belgrade we watched two brave men hanging this sign.

In Belgrade our hostess picked us up and took us to the most unusual place that we have stayed in so far. It is composed of three separate apartment houses with a covered garden/patio in the middle...very rustic. John and I have the luxury of having our own bedroom while the rest are scattered between the dwellings in beds and on foldout couches.

Theo and I went shopping for dinner make a pasta dish and cabbage/apple/carrot salad. The other eight arrived around 5:30pm from Athens and Istanbul...much hugging and celebrating!!!

Eleven adults and one child gathered around the table on the covered patio for dinner.

Tuna with Grandpa John

What an incredible evening! We shared a delicious dinner, bottles of wine and raki along with much laughter and story telling between this group of friends ranging in age between 10 and almost 80!
Rain fell on the roof but our spirits were not dampened. Obviously we were the first ones to say good night and fall into bed.

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