Monday, November 7, 2016

Thessaloniki - Day 2 - part 2

After a rest in the afternoon we joined our friends to watch the sunset.

There was a photo exhibition at a nearby gallery that we went to see...overwhelming images by Greek photographers of the Idomeni refugee camp. It was a very moving exhibition that left us feeling helpless about the misery of these people who are stranded in Northern Greece.

Later we shared drinks and mezes before walking to a small restaurant that was about 20 minutes from the centre of town. Kalliroi's sister Hara and friend Natasha joined us there for dinner.

Happy sisters...Hara and Kalliroi

Hara, Kalliroi and Natasha

Natasha is a journalist and she shared some stories about her experiences covering the Idomeni refugee stories. She also asked about our Canadian Prime Minister, saying that she had heard Trudeau was responsible for the decision to allow only well educated refugees into Canada. I replied that the immigration laws were in place long before Trudeau was elected so I doubted that he was solely responsible for the immigration qualifications.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of various dishes and flavours before finding a taxi to take us up the hill to a tiny Wine Bar where we visited with more friends!!! It was 1:30am when we finally climbed into bed!

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