Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thessaloniki - Day 1

Well, we made it to Thessaloniki on a Ryan Air flight, uneventfully. The flight was very short...35 minutes from take-off to landing. Kalliroi's father met us at the airport and drove us to Panos' apartment which is very near the centre of the city.

The building was built in the 1930's and has most of the original features.

While John napped, Theo and I walking down to the Film Festival ticket office and bought tickets for a a 6:00pm showing of "Anishoara" directed by a young woman from Moldova. It was an interesting film with scenes of the Moldovan countryside. We enjoyed a question & answer session with the Director after the movie ended. A young man translated everything from Greek to English and/or the reverse.

The movies are shown in the old Olympia Theatre and in buildings that have been converted into theatres at the port. The Festival (57 years) spans 10 days and there are about 30 showings each day!

After the movie we walked over to a taverna named "Free" and shared very eclectic dishes...risotto with squid ink & garlic (i.e.. black risotto), dolmatia, seafood cabbage rolls, swordfish, fried cheese, salad, breads, raki & wine. The flavours were intense and wonderful!!

The young ones finally agreed to release us with a promise that we knew the way back to the apartment. They carried on to a bar for a meeting with friends and we slowly found our way back. Needless to say we were both exhausted! 

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