Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 29

The wakeup call was unnecessary. As usual we were awake off and on all night. The taxi was waiting for us at 6:15am and we arrived at the airport half an hour later, checked our bags and waited for the flight to Frankfurt, the first leg of our return trip on Aegean Air. The flight attendants are quite exotic and still wear lovely little hats and high heels!

The Air Canada flight to Calgary was much more pleasant than our flight to Europe. This time we had small screens and a range of movies to fill the hours. Meals were the usual mediocre offerings.

In Calgary we were surprised and pleased at the system for directing passengers who are connecting with other flights through a fast lane. Well done Calgary!!

Confusion in Vancouver resulted from the fact that I had not told Adrian that we were flying in from Calgary so he was waiting at International Arrivals for us. If we had not been exhausted we might have thought to ask the Information desk to page him. Instead there was a lot of walking back and forth before we finally connected.

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