Sunday, November 20, 2016

Djenovici, Perast & Kotor in Montenegro

The double beds are not queen sized in this Norwegian Village apartment so we were all very careful and considerate during the night which resulted in broken sleep for all of us. It was a good thing that we were only five sleepers...but...this afternoon we heard that our sixth member is rejoining us after a short detour back to Sarajevo. Tonight's sleep will be interesting for whoever is partnered with him because he is 6'-4" tall.

We drove a rental car around the Bay to visit Kotor today...a World Heritage Unesco site with many well preserved and protected buildings.

View across the Bay from Perast to two small islands.
It was very calm and the sun kept peeking through the clouds.

Upon arrival at Kotor we decided to get lost in different directions, wandering the labyrinth alleyways and meeting in 45 minutes again for coffee. It is a beautiful old city with two churches dating from the 1100's.

The "PRIVATE SIGN" led us to Art Cafe Letrika.

Before leaving Kotor, Kalliroi talked with a taxi driver who talked with a friend who had a friend who could take us to Shkoder in Albania tomorrow. We agreed on a price of 150 euros for the six of us in a Mercedes Benz 8 passenger mini-van. He will pick us up at 10am tomorrow morning. I predict that the trip will take more than four hours!! Hopefully he doesn't pick up other passengers!!

After getting "lost and found" we stopped for a coffee and drove back to Perast for lunch. It will be another home cooked meal tonight so we stopped for groceries and then three of our group drove to Herceg Novi to find our sixth group member at the bus station.

Montenegro is a small country of 620,000 that declared independence 10 years ago. It is considered an "upper middle class income" country, in contrast to its neighbours. Religious tolerance and faith diversity allowed Montenegro to remain stable during the Bosnian War. The majority of people are members of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Only 19% are practicing Muslims.

For Tracey:

He had green/yellow eyes and a white tip on the end of his tail.

Green eyes again and beautiful stripes!

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