Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sarajevo - Day 2

Theo and Mata returned this morning after shopping for breakfast goodies with eggs, fresh bread, mandarins, cheese and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious!...how wonderful for us to be travelling with these young people who are considerate about our every move!

The second set of keys did not arrive so we decided to leave the keys in a safe place where everyone could find them. Theo assured us that the gate was always open! Hmmmh!!!! Foreshadowing for later in the day!

We visited several unimpressive market/bazaar areas before discovering an eclectic cafe...Goldfish!

Our group of five split after leaving Goldfish. John, Kallroi and I went to see a dramatic exhibition about the tragedies in Sarajevo and Srebrenica from 1992-95. It was very upsetting and unsettling to see photos and videos from that period.

We left the exhibition before Kalliroi and wandered toward the apartment, picking up pastries and fruit along the way. To our surprise, the gate was locked. WTF!!! So we went to see if we could find Kalliroi, stopped in a cafe for a while...and...thank God she finally walked by! Our phone is without a Bosnian sim card so I left it in the apartment. Kalliroi used her phone to contact the property manager and arrange to have a second set of keys delivered to the apartment so she ran back to meet the delivery. When we got there she was already inside.

The mystery is "Why was the gate locked?" Yorgos, as planned, had left the keys hidden for the first returnees to find and enter the apartment. He had left the gate unlocked! Without delivery of the second set of keys we would all have been locked out of the property!!! When we arrived the day before we had requested a second set of keys. and were told that they would be delivered at 9:00am.
They didn't arrive so we arranged the "hidden keys and unlocked gate" plan. Really...who rents an apartment to six people and expects that one set of keys will be enough??!! 

This apartment is fine with comfortable beds, good kitchen, hot shower...but...the property management is lacking in several areas so we have decided to leave a list of suggestions (not complaints).

We enjoyed a delicious late dinner with a variety of dishes that we hadn't tried before. The restaurant was small, confined between two buildings in an outdoor space with a removable roof and many large heaters. Tipping continues to be a mystery that we leave to our Greek friends to figure out.

Back out in the minus 5 degree cold we quickly walked back to see if our reservation for accommodation in Mostar had been confirmed...NO! It was through airbnb and they wanted a copy of photo ID...passport, drivers licence. We decided that was too much personal info to share so we end up booking a place through Booking.com.....and fell into bed at 12:30am!!

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