Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sunset and alcohol

This afternoon we met with friends for a coffee at Celini on the beach in Aegiali. It was so perfect to sit in the warmth of the sun while watching the sun set. When we descend from the lofty heights of Chora the world and the temperatures change dramatically.

Sunset in Aegiali.

From Aegiali we drove to Katapola, the other port, for John to make a final visit to his gym. I waited in Moon Bar for him to join me. The server brought us both a raki and a plate of metzes...cheeses, cold meat, tomatoes, cucumber and bread. When we were ready to leave she gave us another raki...on the house, while we listened to a young pianist play some of her compositions.

Moon Bar...and YES...that is a wood burning fireplace!

Back in Chora we stopped for dinner at a local eatery and, after finishing our meal, he brought us another carafe of wine...on the house. This Greek tradition of giving more alcohol is not conducive to maintaining sobriety! Then he wanted to give us yogurt with candied fruit and a sweet wine!!! NO!!!

We managed to make our way back to the apartment safely, several cats escorting us!

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