Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 27

Up early for a shower and breakfast. This was the day that the rest of the group would explore more of the mountainous area while John and I stayed in the cottage to rest and keep the fire going.

Before they left the teacher and his student had a tavli competition!

The group of seven finally drove away around 2:00pm and returned after 8:00pm. Their return trip (2 hours)involved tense driving in the dark and thick fog on the winding mountain roads. Our reward was a bottle of Tsiporo that they brought back from the small cafenion in a village that they visited.

While they were gone I took some photos of the cottage.

Living room

Lower level sitting room

Mata returned with a treat...chocolate!!!

Dinner was late...bean soup, fried chunks of tender liver, cabbage salad...delicious! We finished off the evening with some challenging rounds of cards...Saskatchewan rummy and Whist before heading to bed around 1:00am!

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