Monday, November 7, 2016

Thessaloniki - Day 2 -part 1

We slept until almost 9:00am!!! As expected Theo was awake earlier and went searching for breakfast goodies. He returned with a tub of sheep yogurt, fruit, a variety of breads and a sweet made from buffalo milk. He also mixed tahini with the syrup from berries as a dip for the breads...a tasty breakfast.

After breakfast we walked down to the Festival ticket office again and bought tickets for a movie that is showing tomorrow. The weather is unusually warm...and my clothing, designed for cold weather, is not appropriate for these temperatures!! It is obvious that Thessaloniki is the home of a huge traffic nightmare!

Parking is a major problem!
We were told that people leave their cell phone numbers in the car.
That way, if someone needs to move, they call the owner to move their car!!!

A Metro system under construction has been stalled because of archaeological discoveries during excavation. More later!

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