Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mostar - Day 2

Today was a very good day. We finally heard from Travelgenio with a confirmation of the change to our itinerary for the return trip to Canada. We had been waiting for 19 days!!! Far too long!!! So, we will leave Athens on November 29th, stop in Frankfurt and in Calgary before setting down in Vancouver around 5:00pm.

It was a lazy day...just wandering, taking photos, visiting shops in Old Town. Impossible to find non-touristic goods...just the same stuff everywhere. Stopped for a Bosnian coffee beside the river before following a different route back to our apartment. Theo, Kalliroi and Mata shopped for produce to create a delicious dinner. They also picked up 2 bottles of Bosnian red wine. Our hosts sent a bottle upstairs for us and Yorgos arrived back from lunch with a friend carrying 3 more bottles!! Yikes! We will be taking wine on the bus tomorrow.

Smokey view from our balcony

It is disturbing to walk along the narrow streets between the bombed buildings 
that show markings from sniper bullets and shrapnel from the 1993-95 war. 

Later in the day I visited the graveyard for many young Muslim men who died in 1993.

Theo made a delicious risotto and two salads for dinner
and the Bosnian wines were excellent!

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