Monday, November 7, 2016

Thessaloniki - Day 3

Once again Theo woke up before us and brought back groceries for breakfast so we had poached eggs, salad, fresh bread and tea before heading out for more explorations. Every day someone calls and arrangements are made to meet for coffee or a drink or a meal. Today we met with Irini for coffee and stopped at a local "pie" shop to buy slices of mushroom pie, pumpkin pie and leak pie which we ate while on our walkabout.

Kalliroi pointed out the apartment building where she grew up and took us for a tour of the market area with meat, poultry, fish and produce vendors. Once again we returned to the apartment for an afternoon rest. Tonight we will see the movie "Park".

The movie was a disappointment. Apparently it was included in the Toronto Film fest this year. I wonder what the reaction was there??

Dinner was excellent with another diverse cast of characters...Maria, Anna, Sotiris, Yorgos, Theo, Kalliroi and 2 Canadians. The average age of all (with the exception of us) was 40!!!  In bed by 11:30pm and ready for a good sleep before boarding the bus in the morning.

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