Thursday, November 10, 2016

Novi Sad

It was an easy bus trip today from Nis to Novi Sad...about 5 hours but there were no border control delays and the sun was shining for most of the trip through lush agricultural land. Theo and Kalliroi had shopped for snacks so we shared bananas, chocolate and trail mix along the way.

A rustic picnic area at the bus rest stop

In Novi Sad we had a very pleasant taxi ripoff...apparently it should have cost about 1 1/2 euros for the ride to the hotel. Instead it cost 8 euros. I hope the guy is happy!! Our hotel is very nice. For 28 euros per night it is as good as a Marriot!!!

After we checked in we walked into the old town looking for a restaurant named FISH. What a delightful meal we enjoyed with a personable young server who spoke English and attended to our every need.

FISH - the kitchen side of the street

The restaurant side of the street

Our server had to bring everything that we ordered from the kitchen side of the street over to the restaurant. Imagine what that would be like on a rainy day! We enjoyed every morsel of our "non-meat" meal ...soup, salads, main courses, dessert, raki & wine. At the end of the meal he gave us each a small jar of their homemade jam and hard cover books with illustrations about the restaurant.

After dinner we left the two young ones and wandered back to the hotel for a quiet night in the room. They were planning to see a movie but I am starting to get a cold...sore throat...and wanted an early night.

Novi Sad has wide streets and pedestrian zones...easy walking with a wide variety of shopping, eating and drinking options...including book stores and newspaper outlets.

This is what he is called in Serbia!

Tomorrow we will take the train to Belgrade, about 1 1/2 hours. Our hosts will pick us up at the station and we will settle into our rental apartment for the next 3 days. Friends from Athens and Istanbul will join us for 2 nights so there will be 12 people sharing the apartment!!

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