Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yesterday's photos

From yesterday:

This was before we picked up three more passengers
who had to stand stooped over!

A visitor and...

...a mixed message?

This morning we had coffee/tea across from a small market area. All of the vendors had displays of their own produce, herbs, honey, wine, raki, cheese...many small tables with a few items...even hand knitted socks and slippers. The weather was mild and sunny...we are so fortunate!


Flowers at the market.

Our Trebinje home.

Just after 1:00pm our mini-van taxi arrived to drive us to Djovenici, Montenegro. Because we are
a reduced group of five, the van was a comfortable fit for the one hour trip. The driver didn't know where anything was when we arrived in the town so he talked with our contact to get directions and dropped us off at an intersection with the assurance that someone would arrive in 10 minutes to take us to the apartment of our friend's father in the Norwegian Village!!! Forty-five minutes later we were still waiting so I decided to walk around the complex. A young woman arrived and guided me to the place...a typical small holiday apartment in this complex. She also arranged for a rental car tomorrow.
She had not received our last email to say that we would be arriving early and since her work hours ended at 2:00pm, she had gone the next town.

When we were settled in the apartment, four of us decided to go for a walk (too long) while John napped. We picked up groceries for dinner and sat at a strange bar by the sea for a drink. The entire area has a ghostly feeling with most of the holiday villas closed up for the winter. Theo and Kalliroi made a pasta and salad dinner...another delicious meal!! much better than restaurant food.

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