Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday in Belgrade

We staggered out of bed in intervals this morning to share tea and coffee before preparing to leave for breakfast. It is a challenge to gather 12 bodies and move them in a single direction!

At breakfast John played a challenging game of UNO with Tuna's rules.

After breakfast a smaller group of eight walked down to the Nikola Tesla Museum for an introduction into the life of this genius from Belgrade. We were educated about his accomplishments! During a walk into the centre of town our eyes were everywhere, capturing images of this Balkan city.

Several hours of walking later we grabbed a taxi and returned for a rest 
before the others finished their walkabouts.

Shukru helping John with his techno-jargon in Turkish style.

Our group shared dinner in a neighbourhood Belgrade restaurant.

Yorgos arrived late and had just begun to eat
when the band decided to serenade him for several songs!

Good food...but too much meat again!
Temperature is dropping to minus 3 degrees tonight!

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