Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Clouds descend on Chora

It was a cloudy morning so we decided to escape from Chora and drive downhill to sunny Katapola for a walk. The temperature difference was very noticeable as we shed our jackets and enjoyed strolling along the water.

Karamel, a small seaside restaurant, is still open in October.
Many of the other restaurants and cafes have already closed.

Back in Chora we shared time with Lucas.

The plans for our Balkan trip are slowly coming together. There will now be 12 people in Belgrade coming together from different directions to share accommodations for two nights before half of the group continues to travel and the other half returns to Istanbul and Athens.

Later in the day the weather finally took a turn away from sunny days. It is still warm because the wind is coming from the south, very strongly, bringing clouds and a few drops of rain...not enough to make a difference to this parched island.

Clouds descend on Chora's windmills...

...until they almost disappear...

...and then they are gone!
We will be walking in soup tonight 
as we navigate to the cafe.

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