Sunday, October 23, 2016

Swim, write, film, eat

It was a sunny, hot, summer day on October 23rd!! I went for a swim earlier today and was surprised to see about 15 tourists on "my" beach!! There must be a school break in France because it was like being on the French Riviera...not my ideal situation but I did enjoy two swims in the crystal clear water. Apparently one of the visitors forgot to apply the hand brake on his rental car and it almost crashed into the other parked vehicles. A young French couple stopped the car and put rocks in front of all four wheels. John left a note to tell them about the incident.

The writing group met tonight at "Big Theo's" to share raki, mezes and stories. Natasha, Theo's room mate joined us for the first time. Anna sent her writing electronically. We gathered in an old house up by the windmills for laughter, tears and mutual admiration.

Afterward we reassembled for another movie "Theeb" about Bedouins in Jordan. It was a very engaging story about a young Bedouin who is transformed to manhood during an adventurous ordeal.
All of the nomadic characters were portrayed by non-actors! Beautifully done...except for the hard school chairs that we endured again is a Chora classroom!!

Finally we headed to Parvas for food at 9:45pm where we found Nicky and her daughters in the kitchen while the village men watched football in the eating area.

Nicky with her girls:
Elpitha, Sophia, Nicky & Anna

Elpitha's cheese pies...ready for the oven!

We shared a dinner of kefthedis (meatballs), fried potatoes and cabbage salad while watching the football game with the men. Apparently it isn't illegal to light flares in the stands that create billowing smoke on the field and cause delays in the play! There were times when the TV screen seemed to be blank because of the smokey air!! It finally ended in a cloud of smoke just as we were ready to leave.

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