Saturday, October 22, 2016

Swim and a movie

It was another calm, warm day on the island. After a late lunch of pesto pasta and cabbage salad, prepared by Theo, I hauled my overfed body down to the sea. Unfortunately the sun was almost ready to slide behind the hills so I slipped into the water and returned to shore in time for a short rest in the sun. It was short but sweet!

In the evening we drove down to Katapola for a showing of "Lachto Drom", a film about the lives and music of gypsies. It was filmed in several countries from India through Europe.

The movie was projected onto a wall in Katapola's elementary school. The audience was split with about 15 students and 20 adults in attendance. The sub-titles didn't work very well but the feeling of the film was strong enough to carry us through. What an eye-opener to parts of the gypsy world... and the music was amazing!

Images from today's wanderings

Locked out...

...and locked in!

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