Friday, October 28, 2016

Bill payments!!

We missed the OXI Day procession and speeches this morning but the rest of the day seemed to be normal for everyone on the island. Even though it is a national holiday, the shops and tavernas were all open.

I spent several hours this morning trying to find a good price for our next trip to Greece in April. With a fuzzy head from hours on the computer I should have known better than to attempt bill payments online. It wasn't until two payments to MBNA credit cards were complete that I realised there was a mistake...$1100 to the wrong account! Not only as it made to the wrong was made to an old account that we don't even have cards for anymore! OMG! What could I do???? I immediately sent an email to our credit union asking if the transaction could be reversed. Of course it was 4:00am in B.C. so I had to wait several hours for a response. The responding email finally arrived...and YES, they could reverse the payment...for a small service charge. Whew!!! I will check again in the morning.

The other glitch to our day was an email that seemed to suggest that we were not booked on a flight out of Athens on November 29th! I have sent another query about that potential problem and hope to have good news tomorrow.

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