Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bream, generosity and flights

This morning I chopped the veggies for a large Bream (veggies baked in the oven with curry, coriander, cumin, cardamon and whatever else Mata threw into the pan). Later we took a walk while the veggies baked. Along the pathway we were stopped by a villager who called us over to her house and gave us warm, freshly cooked zucchini balls! Delicious! They are a mixture of zucchini, onion and herbs in a batter that is fried in small oval shapes.

While I was chopping veggies John was defeating our new island Doctor in a round of tavli (backgammon). There was much laughter and many exclamations as Alkis went down in defeat!

We also booked our next flight to London in April...the other portion to Athens will be booked this afternoon. The price was too good to resist...with Westjet to Calgary and then Finnair to London. So, we will celebrate Easter and a special Baptism on Amorgos next spring.

The Bream was delicious as 10 diners shared a late lunch, seated outside in the sun and wind. Tassos and Matina, from Naxos,  joined the group and shared many festival stories. At 3:45pm we slipped away for afternoon naps and serious writing. There is another movie tonight ...Kon Tiki...that dredges up memories from Grade 6 when I worked my way through the book in endless boredom. So, we will not join the group for the movie and after-party in Langada. The night drive is fraught with the dangers of goats sleeping on the road and after a couple of drinks my reactions could be impaired.

Dip made with red peppers, feta, ginger, honey and yogurt

Today's lunch group

Before we settled down for John's nap and my writing session there was a knock on the door. A neighbour presented us with two freshly made cheese pies! What is happening today?!! We are so grateful for these welcoming gestures!

The day ended on a different note with a message to say that Air Canada had changed the itinerary of our return trip to Canada. Apparently the Athens to Zurich portion has been eliminated! We have been offered an alternative routing through Frankfurt which (I guess) we will accept. Unfortunately we had pre-selected seats on the London to Vancouver flight so, if we accept this option, we might be stuck in whatever empty seats are available!

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