Sunday, April 3, 2016

A day in Athens

We are still struggling with the time change...awake and asleep all night. Finally flopped out of bed and found our favourite breakfast place...baked omelettes and baked eggs with bacon...very unusual!

After eating we made a slow walk back to the hotel to call KLM again. Despite having Sunday hours of 9:30-5:30...the message said to contact them via their website. ...again!!

After spending two months in Mexico it is harshly obvious that Greeks possess a certain arrogance that is absent in Mexicans. There is also a sense of darkness and ever present drama that inflicts the populace. Smiles are almost Athens. The economic crisis is played out on the faces of Greeks on the street.

Later in the morning we made a graffiti crawl which is not much of a challenge in is everywhere! Some view it as offensive while others appreciate the creativity and expression.

The last four images were found on a small dead end street
that I have entitled "Poet's corner".

We stopped for a coffee/tea break before noon.
By 1:00pm we were ready to revisit our beds at the hotel for the afternoon.
More later!

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