Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lost ipad

OMG! How could I do such a stupid thing! John's iPad remains in the KLM lost and found...maybe! When we arrived at the Phaedra Hotel wanted to plug in his iPad for recharging and discovered that I had left it on the plane in the pouch in front of my seat! Can I blame it on sleep deprivation or is it really his fault for distracting me at that critical moment when I should have remembered it!

After leaving messages at the KLM office at Athens airport...they closed at 5:30pm today...we decided to forgive me and went out for dinner, leaving the memory of a lost iPad behind.

I should elaborate on our accommodation...the same hotel that we have stayed at for the past 15 years while in Athens. If the Hyatt Place in Amsterdam was a 5 star...the Phaedra is somewhat less...closer to zero but we are welcomed like old friends each time and the location is perfect. The rooms never change although they were updated for the Olympics in 2004.

John...feeling the pain of loss!

A 15" black & white TV!

Everything is clean and the age of the TV doesn't matter to us because it is never turned on.This is a family owned and operated Hotel adjacent to the Plaka with a rooftop terrace under the Acropolis. 

We will spend two nights here and hope that KLM can find and deliver the iPad to us before we sail to Amorgos.

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