Friday, April 1, 2016

To Amsterdam

We were out of bed at 7:00am yesterday and arrived at YVR in good time for our flight to Seattle. Thanks to John's absolute fear of being late, we had 2 1/2 hours to fill with breakfast and people watching! There was also a five hour wait in Seattle for our flight to Amsterdam which was delayed due to fuelling problems. Then there was the lack of cooperation on the part of wind power...(i.e.) no tail wind which lengthened our time in the air!!! We finally arrived in Amsterdam at 4:30am PST...our luggage was delivered to the furthest of 23 baggage carousels, we missed the Hotel shuttle by 2 minutes and were finally horizontal on a king sized bed by 7:00am PST (24 hours later)!!!

After a short nap we enjoyed a glass of wine and Dutch potato leek pie in the Hotel restaurant. I booked this 4star Hotel through Hotwire for less than $100Can...Hotel shuttle & breakfast included!

Now we are trying to stay awake for a couple of hours to ensure that we start the adjustment to a nine hour time difference!

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