Sunday, April 3, 2016


Am I the only one who has selective memory loss?...aside from the loss of John's iPad? It wasn't until we sat down for dinner last night that I remembered that everyone smokes everywhere in Greece!!! There is a legal ban in place on smoking in cafes and bars but Greeks like to exercise their democratic right to do whatever the hell they smoke at the next table while you're eating and at the next table while you are enjoying a drink! I had forgotten our late nights in smokey bars.

Most young Greeks roll their own cigarettes which creates a more toxic environment. Tonight we sat in an open air (thank goodness) bar for an after-dinner drink and were surrounded by smokers including a priest at the adjacent table.. At dinner there were smokers at every table...all Greek!

To us, as non-smokers, this is extremely difficult. Our Greek friends are smokers and we want to be with them but we don't want to inhale their smoke! What to do?! Usually we just pretend that it doesn't exist and hang our clothing to air at the end of each day. Unfortunately we aren't able to cleanse our lungs every night!

When we returned to the hotel tonight we climbed to the rooftop for an amazing view.
This is the Acropolis from our rooftop without using a zoom lens.
We were the only ones enjoying the view!

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