Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Drawing & exploring

A church with a tipped cross appeared in my morning coffee!

Today was the first time on this trip that I took my drawing book and pencil into the village. I have favourite spots to sit, reflect and draw but today I decided to try new positions. The village is slowly coming to life in preparation for Easter celebrations.

This dog kept an eye on me while he was waiting for his owner
who was redecorating the inside of a cafe.

The pathways in Chora invite you to explore and discover.

Even the tattered doors and gates have pots of flowers.

Love can be found everywhere!

Beauty at every door!

The sun has finally chased the cold wind away. It is the first time that we haven't needed four layers of clothing in the morning. Gradually the pathways are being lined with fresh white paint. Shops and tavernas are preparing to open by painting interiors, chairs and tables. Signs are being hung, menus prepared, shelves stocked. Idiot boys are exploding fireworks! It is only 18 days to Easter...and roasted goat...and wine...and music!!!

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