Monday, April 11, 2016

BP monitor and lentil soup

Today is my turn to cook. We went to the market for lentils, potatoes, carrots, onions and Amorgian sausage to make a lentil soup. In the initial planning stage we counted five for dinner but eventually exchanged the soup pot for a larger one as we included the two Doctors and three new friends.

The Doctor suggested that we borrow a blood pressure monitor from someone in the village to check John's BP for several days as he re-introduces his BP medication. Maria, our landlady, came to our rescue. The first one she tried was over 30 years old and consisted of a stethoscope and hand squeezed bulb! The rubber had disintegrated from the connection so she went in search of another one and returned with two different ones.

This one worked perfectly and his BP was good!
She is an angel with nursing skills.

It is cloudy today with a very cool wind and the promise of rain. It has been a dry, mild winter here so the islanders are hoping for rain. The fields look green despite the drought but it could be a difficult summer without some help from the clouds.

The lentil soup with Amorgian sausage was a success. Seven diners gathered for the meal at Jazzmin and it was reassuring to see them ask for second helpings. There was enough to feed another seven!!

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