Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another day in Chora

It has been a sad time in Chora with the death of an 85 year old Amorgian on Sunday, a friend's broken arm on Monday and another friend taken by helicopter this morning after a bad fall last night. If these things do happen in threes...we hope that is the end of it!

On the bright side, more friends and family members of close friends continue to arrive every night on the ferry from Athens. They brought delicious spanakopita and cookies as well as the promise of future meals made with loving hands that have created Greek food for many years.

Buket and Tuna took us to see the piece of land that they own on the windy side of Chora. It is easy to imagine a beautiful house there some day. Now the land is covered in grapevines which they will preserve and share with friends.

While John was napping I drove down to Agia Anna for a swim and discovered too many people and too little beach! When the water is a little rough, the beach disappears. BOO! Next week I will have possession of this swim site again after all of these people leave!

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