Saturday, April 9, 2016

Documentary Film Fest

We are gradually getting into a "Chora rhythm" as each day passes with birdsong ...and church bells on Sunday mornings. It is a competition to see which is louder!

Last night we drove to Vroutsi for a documentary film showing of "Guardians of the Aegean". Each year the island hosts a mini-doc festival. The movie focused on the impact of some fishing habits on the seas around the Cycladic islands, especially trawlers, seiners and the occasional use of dynamite. Jacque Cousteau's son joined the plea for MPA's...Marine Protected Areas which would allow fish stocks to increase in protected areas. Although there is interest in creating these action has been taken.

The back seat of our car was occupied by three young women friends. At times it was like travelling with The Spice Girls!! Much lively chatter in Greek as I tentatively navigated our return to Chora on the long, dark island road.

Back in Chora we joined Kalliroi for a late dinner of stuffed tomatoes and peppers. As a creative writer she was interested in some of our writing prompts. We shared one with her and she immediately began writing on her napkin. To be shared at coffee this morning!

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