Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yesterday and today

Yesterday morning I joined Mata for coffee in her apartment and later we walked up to Buket's place to open the windows and air it out before her arrival from Istanbul tonight. After another visit at Jazzmin we walked through the village and checked on progress at Bayoko.

The tables, coated in fresh orange paint,  were still drying outside.

Fabio was adding some touches to a wall mural inside.

New pathway paintings are appearing every day.

Last night's ferry brought a ton of newcomers to the island.

Tuna was already at Jazzmin this morning when we arrived.
He interrupted his homework to give us hugs!
Buket, his mother, was still catching up on sleep 
after a flight from Istanbul and a 9 1/2 hour ferry trip to Amorgos.

Junior had a meditative moment over his tea this morning.

John took advantage of a shady bench to catch up with his journal!

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