Saturday, April 16, 2016

First swim and Junior's arrival

I did it! I really did it!...first swim of the year! It was cold and refreshing. There was no one at the tiny beach of Agia Anna...just me and a couple of goats. It is very isolated and I was nervous about being alone in the water so the first dip was very short. After my baptism there was time to lay in the sun and enjoy the sound of tinkling goat bells before Leanne arrived for her first swim at Agia Anna. Leanne is one of the young doctors on the island. When she plunged into the sea without hesitation, I decided to join her for a second longer swim. It was wonderful!!

We sat in the sun after and chatted. I learned that the young doctors who come to Amorgos for a one year residency are on call 24/7 for the entire year! This is ridiculous! Apparently the administrator is reluctant to make changes to this tradition.

When I returned to the apartment I discovered that my reading glasses were missing. We drove back to the beach and checked the parking area and the glasses. I am hoping that Leanne found them. What will I lose next?

Theo returned to the island on last night's ferry and decided to make spaghetti putanesca for dinner. It was extra yummy! I ate mine and half of John's!!! Before dinner we had a surprise arrival...Junior arrived from Leicester! So good to see him and listen to his accent. He brought all of his drawing materials and will experiment with colour during his visit. Bravo!!

Theo II was working on a script after dinner.

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