Sunday, April 17, 2016

walk-swim-movie & music

Apparently Junior and Theo II discovered that they were soul mates and communed until 5:30am with Natasha at the bar. Fortunately we were in bed by 11:00pm and missed the revelry!! I did an abbreviated power walk before breakfast and my eye was caught by this beautiful bougainvillaea.

It was another hot day and another visit to Agia Anna for a swim. There were two French families at the beach with naked children running over the rocks and jumping into the sea.  After I returned to the apartment I made a successful attempt at "the art of siesta" in preparation for the late night Easter celebrations that will begin in 10-12 days.

Menus are appearing as the tavernas prepare to open.

We drove to Vroutsi for another documentary film tonight that was shot on Amorgos. Some of the people in the movie were in the audience. The theatre was full...about 75 of us to share this special occasion.

Afterward we had dinner at Parva's and listened to some live traditional music. 
One of the performers(the fiddler) was also in the movie.

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