Friday, April 8, 2016

Travel plans, conch shells and latte

Last night we joined friends for dinner at the local Cafenion. Sofia, the owner, served us a delicious dinner of grilled tuna, salads and rice with spinach. Of course there were the usual glasses of wine and raki.

After dinner Theo launched into a description of the travels 
he has planned for us in the Fall.

We listed the islands on our tablecloth and connected the ones
that are close to each other in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.

Before sailing to more Greek islands he wants to tour the Balkan countries with us. I am not convinced that we could keep up to his usual travel pace and reminded him that we are not getting any younger...a fact that he chooses to either forget or ignore!! "Theo... John will be eighty next year"
I said and he responded with "Bravo John!"

Mustafah, the Egyptian fisherman came to the Cafenion while we were having dinner. He announced his arrival to the village in the traditional way by blowing into a conch shell. Two of the patrons decided to form a cacophonous musical trio with him.

Christina was not impressed!

Our friend Angie has moved her shop to a new location on the main pathway. 
She creates a variety of jewelry from diverse materials including sections 
of finely crafted needlepoint, beads, metal, wire, fabric.

Our kitchen, dining room & living room has not changed in 10 years!!

My morning latte.

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