Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Amorgos-our first day

We're here! After a 9 hour ferry trip we arrived in the port of Aegiali on Amorgos and found our car...a grey Fiat Panda waiting for us. The drive from Aegiali to Chora was uneventful...no fog and no goats sleeping on the road. In Chora we discovered Kalliroi running down the road to greet us. After many hugs she helped to carry the luggage to our apartment. Maria had left a small bottle of sweetened wine and some fresh fruit for us so we visited until 3:00am, sipping wine and sharing stories.

Our sleep was short...about 4 hours later we woke to the music of birds singing. After unpacking we wandered up to Bayoko where we met Anna, a new co-owner of the cafe. She prepared coffee, tea and an omelet for us. Usually we would walk up to Jazzmin for morning coffee but the cafe is still on winter hours and wouldn't open until 10:30am. We picked up a few groceries and greeted Maria, our landlady back at the apartment before walking up the path to Jazzmin where Theo was waiting for us.

Within a couple of hours we had shared reunions with Theo, Mata, Yiannis, Yorgos, Panagiotis, Evi, Christina, Trefonus(Mata's dog) and talked to Buket who called from Istanbul. There were many stories about winter travels, Jazzmin experiences and family happenings. Rice pudding made with mastic was savoured with our coffee/teas. It had quite an unusual flavour that stayed in my mouth for about an hour.

Mata called the Athens Airport Lost & Found to check on John's iPad...and they have it!! The information from KLM was very misleading. I am not impressed. So, Mata will arrange to have the iPad couriered to Amorgos and we will pay the charges. It is cheaper than buying a new one!

By 1:30pm it was time for John to have another nap so we walked slowly back to the apartment with feelings of gratitude for all of the wonderful people who make us feel so welcome here. Tonight will be a group dinner at Jazzmin and a movie (Phoenix).

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