Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sunrise and paint...paint..paint

The wind is howling in from the north today, whipping through Chora and forcing us to return to several layers of clothing after a week of warm days. The sun is still shining but the clouds are racing across the sky, chasing each other to the south.

We were awakened at 5:45am by Kalliroi as we had promised to drive her to Aegiali for the ferry trip to Athens. She hopes to return before Easter. It was a 70 minute round trip so we were back in bed by 7:10am!

Chora at sunrise from the road to Aegiali.

Jazzmin is being painted inside and outside this year. 
They are busy at work with paint brushes and rollers.

Mata carefully painted around the stones at the bottom of the cafe...

...while Theo II was up a ladder covering the top portions...

...and Theo was behind the bar ...painting the awkward bits and pieces
while continuing to make teas & coffees for customers
who are sitting politely outside in the wind!

Meanwhile, at Bayoko, everything is outside while the inside is painted.
Fotula is attempting to keep Ellie from leaving fingerprints in all of the wet paint!

At the pizza parlour everything is finished and looks great!

Tonight I am making dinner for our group...quinoa, curried veggies and green salad. Some of the prep will take place in our small apartment kitchen and the balance will be cooked in the underground kitchen at the bar. Our group is still limited to around 10 diners but that will soon expand to at least 20 people as many friends and family members arrive.

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