Sunday, April 10, 2016

Doctor, dinner and docs

John has been plagued with a chest cough for a few days so we stopped to see Vangelis, one of the young Island Doctors, enroute to Arkesini yesterday. He was waiting for us at the Clinic which is housed in a building that requires patients to climb 10 stairs for entry. The elderly just wait at home for a house visit! Vangelis gave John a thorough examination and prescribed an antibiotic as a precautionary measure.

From the Clinic we joined friends for a late afternoon meal at a small cafe. 

We shared fava, tzatziki, sardines, cheese & spinach pies, horta, potato salad,
calamari, mezithra cheese, meatballs, cabbage salad, green salad, bread, wine, beer
followed by coffees, sweet wine and dessert!

Anastasia and Dimitris

The post-dinner jenga competition

At 6:00pm, with full stomachs, we drove back to Vroutsi to watch two more documentary films. The first was about Doctors without Borders. It featured untold stories by Doctors, nurses and technicians about individual experiences in the field. The second film was about three Greek men, all in their 70's or 80's, who participated in the Athens marathon. It was entertaining and inspiring!

The sky was still partially lit when we started back to Chora. A big slice of the moon watched as we navigated around the hairpin turns and only one goat was resting in the middle of the road near Chora. 

At Jazzmin we had a nightcap with Mata and heard that her crowd funding campaign for their annual Festival had launched online. She was thrilled to see that 75 euros had already been pledged. Their goal is to raise 3500 euros to cover the cost of transportation, accommodation and meals for the performers. The organizers and performers do not receive payment. All of the events for the 10 day festival in June take place outdoors in historic and unique locations.

We walked back to our apartment, turned on the computer and made an online pledge.

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