Thursday, April 7, 2016

Group dinner and broken lock

It was a typical group dinner...starting with five hungry diners at 8:00pm and ending with eleven people around the tables sharing a delicious meal of pasta, salad and muhammara dip with several bottles of red wine. We strolled home around 11:00pm, leaving the others to watch a movie. Our clothes will need to be aired...several smokers in the bar with closed doors.

I am beginning to feel the transition to a 10 hour time difference. John is still struggling but we had a short hike this morning before coffee and he seems to be feeling better, insisting on a visit to the gym yesterday when it opened at 5:00pm.

I toured Kalliroi's apartment yesterday. She has the tiniest washing machine that I have ever seen! It is about 18-20" wide and 24" deep. We are welcome to do our laundry at her place anytime but today I handwashed a few things and suspended them from the grapevine outside our balcony. There is a small clothesline but everything drips on the neighbour's assorted collection of cast-off machinery. Not sure if he would welcome the rust that results from my drippings!

When we tried to leave the apartment around 9:00am the lock wouldn't open. It worked last night but none of our attempts to release the lock worked this morning. Fortunately we have two doors to the place so we escaped through the second door and left a note for our landlady. She had the "carpenter" come around noon. His attempts to open the lock were also unsuccessful so he will return around 6:00pm with a new lock.

There is pressure from everyone (including John) to stay longer. It started from the first minute and hasn't eased. One friend suggested that the frozen lock was an indicator that we should stay longer. Obviously Amorgos does not want to release us!!

Early morning in Chora.

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