Friday, April 29, 2016

Falafel, writing and The Druid

Yesterday, after morning coffee we drove north to Aegiali for a swim and lunch. The beach was deserted but windy so, once again, I avoided the sea. Instead we visited Falafel, a restaurant opened by two friends last year. What an eclectic menu! We chose spring rolls (three different varieties), quinoa, fruit & veg salad and shakshuka, an Israeli breakfast dish with poached eggs on a bed of tomato sauce with local misithra cheese on top! Yumhhh! Noki and Panos have created a great atmosphere in their place. As we were leaving, Panos invited us to join the Easter celebration at their restaurant. They are roasting a lamb on the could we say NO! Now we have four invitations for Sunday so we have decided to make the rounds...a taste of goat here, a bite of lamb at the next place, loukanika sausage at the next and a round of raki at the last!

Our writing group gathered last night to share our writing and it was wonderful. What an amazing feat...most of this group writes in English when their native tongue is either  Greek or Turkish! I am so impressed. Our youngest member, 9 year old Tuna, shared two stories and then we heard from Anna, Kalliroi, Junior, Christina, Lin, Theodosia, Buket and John. For the next gathering we will also be joined by Theo II (emergency visit to Athens for a cracked arm bone), Elena, Penelope, Theo and Mata. Junior (from Leicester, England) illustrated his poem, Tuna also made a graphic story. Amorgos seems to bring out everyone's creativity.

Junior giving Tuna a drawing lesson.

Around 10:00pm we adjourned to Jazzmin Cafe/Bar for a nightcap and to visit with friends before heading to bed. Of course the evening lengthened without us being aware of the time. That happens quite often around the Easter period...there are so many friends and acquaintances to greet!

Andonis, "The Druid", is the DJ again this year.
He was playing oldies when we arrived 
and promises some salsa music for the next few nights.

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